The Gentle Yoga Warrior’s Conscious Conversations To Help You Grow

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On this week’s show we have Transformation Mindfulness Coach and Facilitator Troy McFadden!

According to Troy’s mother, ‘Can you see the light?’ was Troy’s very first complete phrase, in the form of a question. Or perhaps it was a declarative statement. Hard to say, but Troy says that in hindsight it seems highly symbolic, perhaps an early expression of his soul’s purpose: supporting, helping, and guiding others to do just that.​

Troy is the founder of Wisdom Warrior Coaching and he works with the tools and techniques of mindfulness to support others in achieving optimal growth. He also works with The Asian Leadership Institute as a corporate coach.

A snippet from the show:” Yes, and I would use the word respond. Reacting is a better fit for what we do subconsciously. Responding involves a lot more awareness, a realisation that we have options, quite possibly taking a pause and to remember that we have the options to consider what they are and then acting again consciously responding to whatever it is that is seemingly happening outside of us.”