Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching

​I view business as a vehicle for service. Nothing less.

The old ways of prioritizing profits over people, of justifying decisions and actions as "just business"—even as they differ from our core values—are dying out. They have to, as these approaches are unsustainable, both personally and globally. They are based in fear and greed, and are therefore limited and limiting. I believe in, abide by, and coach from a new, progressive form of capitalism, aligned with the principles of Sacred Economics.

I built successful businesses based on what I call the "Four Pillars": quality, integrity, authenticity, and transparency. Building your "service vehicle" with these pillars is a sure recipe for success, as there’s always a market for excellence. The cream rises to the top, as the old saying goes. This is true whether you are an entrepreneur or working as part of a corporate team—you create your own culture, even if it’s a micro-culture of one. Others will respond to and align with your pillars, or they will fall away as you continue your growth and expansion.

Let me help you move forward with your current position, grow into a new one, or create your business in a way that is aligned with your higher self, in a way that brings you affluence on all levels. From the minutia to the manifestation of your grand vision, I'll be there to support your journey.

"No need to think outside the box; simply realize there is no box."

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